What is eMALI.IO?

eMALI.IO, a Hong Kong based blockchain startup, is founded by Peter Woo & Lawrence Ma in August, 2016. Together with our clients, we focus on re-imagining fundamental business interactions, inventing new interactions and creating streamlining process that establish trust, accountability and transparency.

Our offerings include advising enterprises on how to utilize blockchain technology to transform and prepare their businesses and help building applications to solve their current business challenges using best available blockchain components.

eMALI is currently working on developing blockchain applications in the Fin/Insur/RegTech sectors specializing on identity management, trade and supply chain finance, insurance claim management, fraud detection and regulatory registries.

Our offerings include:

  • Assisting enterprises to utilise blockchain technology to transform and prepare their business for a decentralised economy.
  • Providing the best available blockchain components to build decentralized applications for solving their current business challenges.

We specialise in:

  • Identity Management & KYC
  • Triple-Entries Billing & Customer Care
  • Loyalty & Engagement



We offer various courses in blockchain technology including:

  • Foundation of Blockchain
  • Blockchain Business Strategy
  • Ethereum Blockchain Developer


We will help to build your own blockchain application from scratch.

Professional Services

From full implementation, integration and managed services to Blockchain as a Service, eMALI’s seasoned professional team will provide you with the services you need to ensure the success of your project.