Our services include advising enterprises on how to utilize blockchain technology to transform and prepare their businesses and help building applications to solve their current business challenges using best available blockchain components.

Utilising Blockchain Technology

Assisting enterprises to utilise blockchain technology to transform and prepare their business for a decentralised economy.

Development of Blockchain components

Providing the best available blockchain components to build decentralized applications for solving their current business challenges.

What We Specialise in

Digital Identity Management

We offer an identity management application that has a valid, portable, permanent identity for individuals independent of restrictions from identity documents or lack-thereof.


Using Blockchain & Distributed Ledger Technology, we build various applications addressing claim management, policy management & loyalty / engagement programs for the insurance sector.

Notary Network Service

NSN is a permissioned notary network comprising of legal practitioners and authorised entities from different jurisdictions for notarising transactions in distributed ledger platforms.